Take a trip to the Province region of France during the spring, summer months where you will be captivated by the beauty and aroma of lavender growing in the fields, an image never forgotten but easily emulated with this set of two wooden, white...

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French Country Bedding

Bringing the natural beauty of the garden inside has long been a classic, French country favorite way to create a tranquil country themed space, with pretty floral furniture upholstery and bedding like this simply beautiful Queen Duvet Cover...

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Create an enchanting window backdrop, for a beautiful French Country theme with a set of stylish sheer curtains, featuring elegant taupe and black, French script writing. Beautiful, French Country Curtains! Each panel measures 50" in width x 84"...

$23.99 as at 15:56 UTC. (Details)

Being a huge fan of metal wall art with a Fleur de lis theme, made this striking, easy on the eye, artistic piece a delightful find to share with French Country fans! Impressive Fleur de Lis Metal Wall Feature Measuring 29" in diameter x 4" in...

$48.65 as at 14:35 UTC. (Details)

One of the lovely aspects of French country decor is the beautiful symbolism of the Fleur de lis motif, embedded in French history and providing a charming visual aspect to a French country or cottage theme.The French royals made the Fleur de lis...

$8.99 as at 17:16 UTC. (Details)

With a delightful old world Victorian appeal this magical set of distressed, ivory bird cages will be a visual delight in a French country themed home holding candles, plants, flowers, imitation birds or used as a beautiful party centerpiece/card...

$41.16 as at 17:16 UTC. (Details)

The popular landscape, rural scenes created under the eternally popular Toile de jouy guise, were originally designed in the Jouy-en-Josas factory near Paris when royal kings ruled France from the elaborately furnished Chateau de...

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If you are creating a beautiful French country, shabby cottage theme, this decorative wall clock with gorgeous pink roses, pretty pastel garden flowers and butterflies will be a delightful time-keeper and so easy to see with large Roman numerals and...

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The graceful elegance of a French country bedroom is undeniable with bedding that exudes the natural beauty of the rural countryside in Southern France, where flowers and lavender grow wildly in the fields, Colors of the landscape are a popular...

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Floral's and the classic French country theme is a match made in decor heaven and this fabulous bedding set with a pretty, red flower design, which looks like it has been hand painted onto to a crisp white background will bring nature inside and...

$53.64 as at 09:01 UTC. (Details)

Loving this classic country breadbox that looks as though it has been around for a very long time.. That's what makes it even more irresistible with it's vintage country appeal and decorative, embossed "Fleur de Lis" motif.. I just want to scoop...

$25.99 as at 13:50 UTC. (Details)

You will be instantly wooed by the endearing jewel and earth colors of this dynamic 16-piece dinner set that is something rather special and so beautiful you may want to display it in a cabinet for all to see. There are four colors in all and...

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Take a look at this set of four "Fleur de Lis" hand-painted canisters guaranteed to give your kitchen an instant WOW Factor as they are not only practical in use but beautifully colored to give your kitchen a stylish and brand new appeal.. The...

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We always knew the French Country Rooster was a star in his own right but now you can hang him in pride of place so all who see can honor this French national icon.. You can hang him on the front door of your home...office as a welcoming sign or...

$9.99 as at 21:15 UTC. (Details)

Some designers just have the knack when it comes to creating that something special and I think they struck gold when making this superb rooster clock that one customer commented..."This is a beautiful clock..looks great on the wall" It's more...

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I could tell you that this wall clock ticks all the boxes for beauty, artistry and a healthy dose of Fleur de Lis but I believe the "5 star rating" given by customers who have already bought tells the story of a clock that will not...

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It is easy to see why this "Fleur de Lis" clock is such a popular choice! The classic wrought iron, scroll-work look gives the clock a rustic, vintage feel while the Roman numerals add a touch of history and elegance to a wall clock that will...

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The French love their symbolism and never more evident than with the infamous Fleur de Lis. It is such a decorative emblem it is no wonder it has found a place in all styles of decor for it's visually regal appeal. This superbly designed throw...

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Embrace the tranquil ambiance of blue and white toile with this quality set of panel, curtains with tiebacks. Each panel measures 34' in length with a 3 inch hem and standard rod pocket Fabric is 100% cotton to ensure the curtain drapes...

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This is a real find! Unique and beautifully designed with so much attention to detail, this ottoman has much to offer. Take a look at the striking nail-head detailing down the legs and around the rim of the seat. then catch a glimpse of the...

$136.99 as at 22:07 UTC. (Details)

What a beautiful piece of furniture to have in your home. The curvaceous turned legs in an elegant espresso finish support the solid bench frame which is superbly covered in classic French script. Bench size is 48 inches in width x 22 inches...

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"This product is awesome..you will find this table for $350 to $700 all over the web. This was by far cheaper and the quality is great." This is an excerpt from a review left by a customer who recently purchased this amazing piece of industrial...

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These "olde world" style bookends finished in an aged bronze look will add a functional symbolism to any room... Size is 3-1/8" x 7-1/8" x 4-3/8" of masterly bookends that embrace the regal stance of "Le Fleur de Lis" Add a touch of regal...

$11.62 as at 20:03 UTC. (Details)

This is when the symbol of the "Fleur de lis" really shines.. Whether it be a Shabby chic or country decor these cast iron hooks with a rusty overtone will be a decorative way to hang keys, coats etc... Size is 6 inches in height x 9.9 inches...

$7.35 as at 10:47 UTC. (Details)

Fire backs were first recorded around the 15th century and are still used today to send as much heat that would normally be lost back into the room....They are functional as well as creating a visual aspect that can be...

$178.99 as at 01:44 UTC. (Details)

Even if you don't have a fire this screen is such a beautiful piece of metal work in its own right it could easily be ornamental.. For those who wish to apply it as a fire screen then what could be more special than a "romantique" tribute to the...

$43.93 as at 20:33 UTC. (Details)

From the moment I saw this rug I knew others would be wowed by its dramatic design..In fact it is two monumental designs on thus rug and they are the Harlequin whose claim to fame can go back as far as the 11th century where Algerian Sufi Masters...

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"Golden Fleur De Lis" I chose a theme of fleur de lis for my home. this wall decor is PERFECT for my decor. Size is good and price is GREAT! Light yet sturdy. These are the words of a person who recently purchased this eye-catching metal wall...

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This is a great piece of metal wall art with the Fleur de li beaming proudly in a circle that features a large centerpiece with smaller icons in the surround... This will get attention wherever it is hung due to its symbolic history and majestic...

$32.27 as at 04:29 UTC. (Details)

Just when I thought it could not get any better I stumbled upon these gorgeous coasters featuring France's most revered motif...The visual strength of this iconic symbol is enough for me to take notice for it really does have a regal...

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This is such a stunning presentation that you could almost hang these coasters in a formation on the wall.. Made of natural sandstone with cork-backing these painting - like coasters are a must have for the connoisseurs of this regal French...

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When a French Monarch used this symbol on his shield as far back as the 12th century he may not have known how far into the future this emblem would be embraced....by so many... Perfect for a kitchen with a Fleur de lis theme this visually...

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The "Fleur de lis" has always been a symbol of French royalty and is said to signify perfection, light and life... With such spiritual connotations it is no wonder this matriarch of French society is popular the world over as in an ever changing...

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We all love symbols and some would say that the "Fleur de lis" along with the master Rooster himself are the true patriots of France... This cookie cutter shaped in the image of the mademoiselle flower of French culture is perfect for an occasion...

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Here is your classic, classy French Country Rooster doubling as an elegant cookie jar in a hand painted ceramic look that is simply superb. This handsome cockerel is 12 inches in height and very much admired by those who have purchased..."The...

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