if you are contemplating ordering one of the beautiful French Country Style Shower curtains in this section you may want to also order this shower curtain liner which will repel water and keep your main curtain looking fabulous at all times..The...

$10.79 as at 11:48 UTC. (Details)

"5 Star Black & White - Toile" A happy, centuries old rural scene in fashionable black and white has all the ingredients necessary to make your bathroom a place of beauty and sheer elegance..This creative - "toile de jouy" Shower Curtain is...

$30.20 as at 07:10 UTC. (Details)

If you love the idea of a ruffled shower curtain then you will be thrilled to find this gorgeous rendition in the color - cream at an affordable price..Romantic, elegant and very Shabby Chic this grand shower elaborate shower curtain will turn...

$12.99 as at 01:54 UTC. (Details)

This a lovely print to feature in a bathroom with a French Country flavor.Size is 9.5m inches x 11.5 inches including frame which has glass, cardboard backing and a hanger..The alluring blue tones mixed with a splash of yellow makes this...

$18.95 as at 09:08 UTC. (Details)

"5 Star Toile" Fabulous blue "Toile de jouy" shower curtain for the devotees of this repeating pastoral pattern. Synonymous with French Country Home Decor the toile pattern is a timeless wonder that has transcended centuries of decor fads and...

$29.47 as at 09:08 UTC. (Details)

You have to love this cottage - white wood toilet paper holder that keeps those rolls tucked away in a pristine, wood - cabinet, specifically designed for small spaces.You can store 4 double - toilet rolls and 1 square box of tissue with a hole...

$29.25 as at 09:08 UTC. (Details)

I simply adore this concept as it takes what is often a bland room in the house and with this white scroll toilet paper holder gives it a royal - Shabby Chic facelift. It can also be used as a very stylish magazine rack..The size is 24" x 8" and...

$22.00 as at 01:41 UTC. (Details)