French Country Christmas Decor Theme

French country décor is a look that captures a calm and serene feeling, reminiscent of the peaceful rolling hills and breathtaking landscape of rural France. There is no better way to bring in the magic of Christmas time than to put a French country theme on it—both in your decorating and in gift giving.

Festive, French Country Christmas Theme

When sprucing up your home for the holidays, the starting focal point should be the tree, as this is where the beauty really begins. Opt for a white tree or a fir with soft faux snow sprinkled on the end of the branches. Wooden ornaments of the Fleur de lis symbol and rustic roosters can dangle among the delicate burlap garland wrapped around the tree, and all of this sets off low twinkling string lights just brilliantly. An antique silver star for the tree topper is a perfect final touch. When decorating the rest of your home, keep a light array of color palates in hues of ivories and pale shades of pretty much everything else. Toile Christmas prints and snow globes filled with tiny versions of Paris are wonderful additions to holiday decorations, while accents of French country holiday roosters add a dose of their own delight to your home.

French Country Decor Gifts!

For your list of gifts this year, give the beauty of the French countryside to all your loved ones! You can take inspiration from your own French country holiday decorations in your home or browse the limitless options out there for great presents. Floral clocks or dishes are wonderful ideas for any home being transformed for Christmas, while the Fleur de lis emblem is a French staple on any item from bedding to sugar dishes to holiday throw pillows. Likewise, as you added it in your own decorations, the beloved French rooster is an iconic image that goes well on just about any type of gift you can think of. Rooster cookie jars, ornaments, art prints, tin cutouts, or even bookends are all fun gifts that anyone will love.

Looking for bigger gift ideas? The French country look makes for fantastic larger pieces in the form of furniture and storage. Ottomans in French script spelling out holiday wishes and coffee tables in a shabby chic, distressed wood look are both gorgeous presents that are sure to be loved. A metal fireplace screen with beautiful French metalwork pairs splendidly with any holiday mantle décor as well.

Regardless of what direction you go, you can infuse the French country beauty into not only your own life, but into that of others this holiday season, too.

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The French countryside is one of the most beautiful spots in all the world—but did you know you can completely surround yourself with this beauty in your own home? Bring the look into your kitchen, bedroom, or any other room with limitless options for any personal taste, and wake up every day as if you are in the gorgeous rolling hills of France.

French Country Decor

Whether you want to bring French country home décor into every space into your life, or just one or two, there are about a million different ways to do this. You can start in the very place in which you and everyone else takes the first step into your home—the entryway! Opt for a shabby chic end table in an ivory, distressed wood with a white lace runner, complete with rustic silver candlesticks gives an immediate feel of being in the magical countryside of France. Maybe you prefer a beautiful vase or a metal birdcage with candles, but whatever it is that fits with your style, it’s how you put French country décor pieces together that truly captures the essence of the theme.

French Country Living

The kitchen, dining, and living areas are a popular spot in the home for bringing in the French country look, as these are social gathering spots that we enjoy frequently. Wall adornments such as clocks with butterflies and flowers and canvas art of the countryside itself are both beautiful additions to any of these spaces. Likewise, smaller accents that are also functional are a great idea, as well. Think French country coasters, wine holders, or dish and glassware sets. Roosters are particularly important in French countryside history, so have a merry time placing them all around your eating areas specifically. Cookie jars, wall tins, hot pads, and matching towel sets are all fabulous with these French rooster designs and can really make your dining room and kitchen pop!

 French Country Bedroom Theme

The bedroom is also an incredible space for the rural France look, and you can let your creativity shine here with bedding sets, flowery pillow shams, and lacy bed skirts. Nothing is prettier than light colored ruffles in the place you rest your head at night. Fleur de lis wallpaper or curtains really tie together a French bedding aesthetic, along with iron shelving for your knick knacks or books. Crystal chandeliers or French country rooster lamps and lighting are also unique pieces that cater to your own style and personality.

Every room in the home could use a little French flair, and what better way to do this than to incorporate the most breathtaking parts France has to offer in its rural haven?



















Visit a Parisian home outside of the large cities in Paris, and you will discover a unique and especially quiet elegance that is typical of the French countryside invited into the home. The French have a unique way of combining European decorating with warm country elements. French country home decor is styling with a European twist. Perhaps, you would like to bring this fabulous styling to your home. Let’s take a closer look.

Imagine that you are settled in a French countryside cottage. You are sitting in your bedroom and slowly sipping a glass of wine while relaxing in a chair that is facing a large window in front of a beautiful garden. What are the essential elements that will make the bedroom warm and inviting? It should look unique and have a mix of elegant styling. The key elements in the room are the furniture. Many decorators have fallen in love with the shabby chic style that is also very French inspired. The perfect piece of French country home decor should begin with a unique piece like a shabby chic bedroom set in antique which will be the centerpiece of the room. It should be very warm and inviting. Add a Fleur de lis coverlet to capture even more charm and add to the elegant look.

Add French inspired country style curtains to the bedrooms in the cottage. Make sure that the curtains are soft and flowing. The curtains will add just the right amount of charm to the room and are a perfect decoration for larger windows. Other key furniture elements should include a large shabby chic chair, country style bed side tables, lamps, wall hangings, and a few interesting figurines.

Of course, it is also important to add French country home decor accessories to complete the look of the French country cottage home. Home decorators usually like to add something that is special and surprising to draw attention. Strike the right note with a Fleur de Lis wall clock in classic iron. This is a very popular clock that is beautiful and elegant. It will certainly blend in well with the French country style. The Fleur de Lis symbol is very popular in France. It is a true symbol of their culture and has a long European history. Add other key elements to the space that capture the magic of the Fleur de Lis symbol. For example, in a soft throw pillow or small rug near the bed.

Creating the look also requires just the right background. Therefore, a subtle, yet warm wall color will add to the charm of the room. Some colors to consider are antique white, beige, or a pastel blue. Try out the lovely furniture and see which one blends in best with the new wall coloring. Another suggestion is to cover the wall with a French inspired wallpaper. The choice is ultimately yours. Find beautiful and inspiring French country home decor online for all your decorating requirements. Define your style with great French decor.


I can hardly believe how quickly this year is moving and with a house move on the horizon I am about to go into overdrive to ensure it all goes as smoothly as possible.

I am very excited as it does represent a new start of sorts for me and a new home that is going to need a lot of love and decor inspiration..

it is a smaller space so reluctantly I may have to scale down which will be  very hard as I am very fond of my furniture which I have lovingly transformed into a classic French Country home decor style in white with natural (rustic) table tops

I had good bones to work with as most of it was antique and classic French/English with beautiful, ornate features.that hark back to the days of elegance and grandeur..

Painting your own furniture is a great way to add new life to that old bench or table while saving loads of cash. The experience is a whole heap of fun and the outcome is new furniture and immense satisfaction that you did it yourself..

I have to say I love renovating although it is very time consuming but my new home has not seen a lot of decor love since the 60’s so I am up for a real challenge but also a labor of love..I have 2 months before I move and judging by how quickly the first two months of the year have flown I had better get my skates on as there is a lot to do…My friends are telling me that moving is one of the most stressful things you can do but in all honesty I see it more as an adventure.. a bit like a pioneer landing on the shores of a distant land..

We are all creatures of habit and a move to a new town or city can be unsettling but I often think how a child would navigate such a move as they see new places to explore and friendships to be cultivated.. Their adventurous spirit would have no preconceived ideas about what they will find and i think that is the perfect way to navigate such a move..

So here I am about to embark on a journey of childlike belief that my new destination will be everything I dreamed it would be and if there are a few surprises along the way I intend to embrace them wholeheartedly as part of the journey while continuing to.. walk my walk of faith..

Life is about enjoying the moments of change and allowing our spirit to grow with every step we take into a future..unknown..

In between working and walking (I walk everyday) I have been flicking through some gorgeous French Country home decor style homes/room to get ideas for my new cottage..





When I painted my dark wooden furniture to white with tabletops and some wooden features left natural, I really had no idea how beautiful the outcome would be. I am by no means a professional furniture restorer and I take my hat of to these people that can take an old piece of furniture and turn it into a virtual masterpiece.

With much advice from friendly French country home decor bloggers who had converted their furniture I spent hours and days in my garage sanding and painting.

The final result was a mixed bag as I had no idea about things such as tannin’s in wood that love to leak through mahogany, but in the end I am very happy with how it all turned out.

You get a wonderful feeling when you create something and send thanks to the fabulous French country home decor fans with informative blogs that share their own personal experiences.

if you are thinking about having a go get as much advice as you can and then take the leap of faith. You are bound to make mistakes like I did, but there will be triumphs which, make up for the things that don’t quite work out along the way.

I suggest you start on something simple like an old table and go from there.



French Country is an endearing style that defies all trends and decor fashions.It can be elegant, rustic or simple in it’s delivery, making it a very versatile way to decorate as the choices are never limited..

When you walk into a room that has been inspired by this iconic style you will immediately feel a sense of the countryside, for the colors and patterns are derived from a rural landscape where fields of lavender sway gently in the breeze amidst a scattering of abandoned farmhouses…derelict but proud.

A French Country home decor has a charm all of it’s own and it easy to see why it has become such a popular choice of decorating..

What other style of decor has such charisma and a “joie de vivre” feeling that emulates throughout the entire home..

It is the heart of the provinces that defines a French Country home decor style with it’s rustic but grandiose allure we are drawn to it’s flame..





A French Country home decor is inviting…welcoming and once inside you will feel the ease of design draws the stress of everyday life with it’s natural approach to furnishings and style…

Homely and peaceful are the words that come to mind when I see a room that is French Country inspired..Today life moves so fast we barely catch up with ourselves and this style of decorating is a return to more peaceful times..

The sound of a Rooster crowing at dawn brings images of simpler times as does painted furniture, wrought iron and stone walls covered in moss and grapevines..The natural feel of a French Country home decor is like a breath of fresh air  that you just want to hold in forever as it has it’s heart in the rolling fields of lavender and the beauty of the South of France.

Perhaps this is the way to find a balance in our lives by decorating with French Country we bring peace… to our souls..


The French have so much going on..

“Le Tour Eiffel”,  the infamous city of lights – Paris, high fashion, the fabulous “Fleur de lis” and of course possibly the most famous of all Frenchmen, the immortal cockerel himself.. the French Country Rooster

The official symbol of France is a very busy bird as he finds himself in big demand with fans of this lovable farmyard character and French country home decor

The early Kings of France adopted the Rooster for its symbolic Christian connection as it was believed that when he crowed every morning it indicated the ongoing victory of good over evil. The rooster is also a representation of the Christians watchfulness and preparation for the return of Christ, the resurrection of the dead and mankind’s inevitable judgement day.

Our feathered farmyard friend has great significance not just for his stunning, colorful plumage but for the light of the world he carries with such masculine pride. The French country rooster is also a favorite in French country home decor interiors.

So the next time you catch a glimpse of  Rooster sitting on a French country home perch, while watching over his flock or rummaging for food give a thought to the significance of this distinctive bird and the part he has played in the evolution of France as an enduring nation…





When it comes to decorating in French Country home decor style the rules are that there are no rules at all

The concept is elegance without fuss so as to create an atmosphere of refined country with a dash of rustic appeal….Personally I find French Country style incredibly romantic with its easy feeling and tribute to “old world” artisan artistry.

Even the infamous “French Country Rooster” has a lot to crow about when it comes to this iconic way of decorating as he makes his appearance in kitchens dedicated to a farmhouse style of cabinetry and characterful decor.

“Toile de jouy”, stripes floral’s and checks are the fabrics of  French country home decor choice, while yellow red, blue and green form the colors popular with this historic genre…Cabriolet legs and scalloped carvings define French Provincial furniture with its distressed or rustic finishes while wrought iron, scenic plates, architectural pieces salvaged from historic homes, faux wall treatments  all add to the charm that is French Country “joie de vivre”.