Loving this classic country breadbox that looks as though it has been around for a very long time..That's what makes it even more irresistible with it's vintage country appeal and decorative, embossed "Fleur de Lis" motif.. I just want to scoop...

$25.99 as at 13:50 UTC. (Details)

You will be instantly wooed by the endearing jewel and earth colors of this dynamic 16-piece dinner set that is something rather special and so beautiful you may want to display it in a cabinet for all to see.There are four colors in all and...

$39.04 as at 20:33 UTC. (Details)

Take a look at this set of four "Fleur de Lis" hand-painted canisters guaranteed to give your kitchen an instant WOW Factor as they are not only practical in use but beautifully colored to give your kitchen a stylish and brand new appeal..The...

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When a French Monarch used this symbol on his shield as far back as the 12th century he may not have known how far into the future this emblem would be embraced....by so many...Perfect for a kitchen with a Fleur de lis theme this visually...

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The "Fleur de lis" has always been a symbol of French royalty and is said to signify perfection, light and life...With such spiritual connotations it is no wonder this matriarch of French society is popular the world over as in an ever changing...

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We all love symbols and some would say that the "Fleur de lis" along with the master Rooster himself are the true patriots of France...This cookie cutter shaped in the image of the mademoiselle flower of French culture is perfect for an occasion...

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Here is your classic, classy French Country Rooster doubling as an elegant cookie jar in a hand painted ceramic look that is simply superb.This handsome cockerel is 12 inches in height and very much admired by those who have purchased..."The...

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Picturesque, French Country. kitchen terry towel with classic Rooster images so delightfully presented...The size of this French inspired towel is 26 inches x 16 inches and made of 100% cotton..Perfect for the chicken kitchen or as a gift...

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These really are beautifully presented mugs that feature proud - colorful roosters in a classic illustrative design.There are 4 ceramic mugs in a set that are impeccably hand-painted and will hold 20 Fluid Ounces.Dishwasher and microwave...

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