We always knew the French Country Rooster was a star in his own right but now you can hang him in pride of place so all who see can honor this French national icon..You can hang him on the front door of your home...office as a welcoming sign or...

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Some designers just have the knack when it comes to creating that something special and I think they struck gold when making this superb rooster clock that one customer commented..."This is a beautiful clock..looks great on the wall"It's more...

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Here is your classic, classy French Country Rooster doubling as an elegant cookie jar in a hand painted ceramic look that is simply superb.This handsome cockerel is 12 inches in height and very much admired by those who have purchased..."The...

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Picturesque, French Country. kitchen terry towel with classic Rooster images so delightfully presented...The size of this French inspired towel is 26 inches x 16 inches and made of 100% cotton..Perfect for the chicken kitchen or as a gift...

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Here they are Rooster Fans!! Fantastic shiny - black kitchen canisters with one of the nicest Rooster figurines on top I have seen.His brightly colored, polka dot plumage.shines like a star on a clear country night so it is no surprise that...

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A stunning example of the French Country Cockerel designed with a unique slant to his traditional, colorful appearance.I have to say I really like the way the artist has portrayed this loveable bird and it is no wonder he is already gracing the...

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Complete Curtain Set for the kitchen featuring a very famous farmyard Rooster on a ruffled swag and pair of beautiful matching tiers..Easy buying as everything you need to create a wonderful country - style window dressing comes in one...

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Taking a close look at this decorative Rooster I have to say he looks pretty good and collectors of this iconic bird seem to agree with me.."The Rooster is adorable...well painted"He is approx 2 inches in size and attached to a gold painted...

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You can tell this switch cover was designed by an artist as the colors andĀ  look of the rooster is very life-like..Hand sculptured and painted this single light switch cover featuring our farmyard friendĀ  has received comments from rooster...

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