Being a huge fan of metal wall art with a Fleur de lis theme, made this striking, easy on the eye, artistic piece a delightful find to share with French Country fans! Impressive Fleur de Lis Metal Wall Feature Measuring 29" in diameter x 4" in...

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One of the lovely aspects of French country decor is the beautiful symbolism of the Fleur de lis motif, embedded in French history and providing a charming visual aspect to a French country or cottage theme.The French royals made the Fleur de lis...

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The French love their symbolism and never more evident than with the infamous Fleur de Lis. It is such a decorative emblem it is no wonder it has found a place in all styles of decor for it's visually regal appeal.This superbly designed throw...

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These "olde world" style bookends finished in an aged bronze look will add a functional symbolism to any room...Size is 3-1/8" x 7-1/8" x 4-3/8" of masterly bookends that embrace the regal stance of "Le Fleur de Lis"Add a touch of regal...

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This is when the symbol of the "Fleur de lis" really shines..Whether it be a Shabby chic or country decor these cast iron hooks with a rusty overtone will be a decorative way to hang keys, coats etc...Size is 6 inches in height x 9.9 inches...

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Even if you don't have a fire this screen is such a beautiful piece of metal work in its own right it could easily be ornamental..For those who wish to apply it as a fire screen then what could be more special than a "romantique" tribute to the...

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From the moment I saw this rug I knew others would be wowed by its dramatic design..In fact it is two monumental designs on thus rug and they are the Harlequin whose claim to fame can go back as far as the 11th century where Algerian Sufi Masters...

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"Golden Fleur De Lis" I chose a theme of fleur de lis for my home. this wall decor is PERFECT for my decor. Size is good and price is GREAT! Light yet sturdy. These are the words of a person who recently purchased this eye-catching metal wall...

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This is a great piece of metal wall art with the Fleur de li beaming proudly in a circle that features a large centerpiece with smaller icons in the surround...This will get attention wherever it is hung due to its symbolic history and majestic...

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