French Country Ivory Metal Set Of (2) Decorative Bird Cages

With a delightful old world Victorian appeal this magical set of distressed, ivory bird cages will be a visual delight in a French country themed home holding candles, plants, flowers, imitation birds or used as a beautiful party centerpiece/card box for a Paris, French themed wedding.

Love the look!

I can remember when these first arrived on the scene, falling instantly in love with their romantic, vintage, antique appeal and wanting a set for my own French Country inspired home.They look equally as fabulous standing on a table or hung as a focal point in a room


The larger metal bird cage measures approx. 21-22″ in height x 9-10″ in diameter, while the smaller bird cage is approx. 12-14″ in height x 6-7″ in diameter. Plenty of detail with a unique hexagonal shape, antique style latches and an endearing yesteryear look that is authentic and so perfect for a French Country chic theme

A little birdcage history

As far back as the middle ages rich aristocrats found it a fashionable pursuit to keep exotic birds imported from Europe in beautifully made cages, some were silver and gold to compliment the decor in their opulently furnished homes! Made by creative artisans, these superbly detailed bird cages are catching the eye of us modern folk who appreciate their inherent beauty and craftsmanship!


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