Highly Decorative Fleur de Lis Burlap Black/Natural Cushion Cover

One of the lovely aspects of French country decor is the beautiful symbolism of the Fleur de lis motif, embedded in French history and providing a charming visual aspect to a French country or cottage theme.The French royals made the Fleur de lis their own as it featured on sheilds and flags as a symbol of strength hope and light, an endearing thought that has travelled through time burning a beacon of exceptional brightness to those who today, centuries later embrace this lily flower, as their own.

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This classic burlap style cushion cover featuring the lily of the valley with a decorative civic wreath and charming French script writing.in black set against a natural colored background measures 18″ x 18″ The cover is made of a popular linen/cotton combination, making this a durable, breathable, stain-resistant fabric ideal for it”s use as a cushion cover, You will need an insert to be placed inside the cover via a  zipper closure and it is recommended you add salt to the first hand wash.

The bold and eternally beautiful Fleur de lis never fails to impress in a stylish French country setting and is the perfect accent on a sofa,chair or bed.


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