This is a great piece of metal wall art with the Fleur de li beaming proudly in a circle that features a large centerpiece with smaller icons in the surround...This will get attention wherever it is hung due to its symbolic history and majestic...

$32.27 as at 04:29 UTC. (Details)

Just when I thought it could not get any better I stumbled upon these gorgeous coasters featuring France's most revered motif...The visual strength of this iconic symbol is enough for me to take notice for it really does have a regal...

$14.99 as at 10:59 UTC. (Details)

This is such a stunning presentation that you could almost hang these coasters in a formation on the wall..Made of natural sandstone with cork-backing these painting - like coasters are a must have for the connoisseurs of this regal French...

$24.67 as at 10:25 UTC. (Details)

When a French Monarch used this symbol on his shield as far back as the 12th century he may not have known how far into the future this emblem would be so many...Perfect for a kitchen with a Fleur de lis theme this visually...

$5.97 as at 11:55 UTC. (Details)

The "Fleur de lis" has always been a symbol of French royalty and is said to signify perfection, light and life...With such spiritual connotations it is no wonder this matriarch of French society is popular the world over as in an ever changing...

$12.99 as at 00:11 UTC. (Details)

We all love symbols and some would say that the "Fleur de lis" along with the master Rooster himself are the true patriots of France...This cookie cutter shaped in the image of the mademoiselle flower of French culture is perfect for an occasion...

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Here is your classic, classy French Country Rooster doubling as an elegant cookie jar in a hand painted ceramic look that is simply superb.This handsome cockerel is 12 inches in height and very much admired by those who have purchased..."The...

$40.99 as at 13:12 UTC. (Details)

I am a huge fan of the natural and white finish look furniture and this dining table immediately caught my eye with its exceptional contrasting look.This is good old fashioned country crafting with traditional turned legs and a natural-finished...

$149.00 as at 08:49 UTC. (Details)

Highly attractive 5 piece Dining Set finished in white with a contrasting table top and cross-back chairs, covered in a neutral colored - microfiber fabric.NB:Construction is MDF and Rubberwood which is an eco-friendly wood (part of the maple...

$210.99 as at 00:58 UTC. (Details)